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Ma Pak Leung Chut Lee Powder

Ma Pak Leung Chut Lee Powder

Calm baby's stomach while improving digestion and the absorption of milks and solids. Dissolve powder in warm water to soothe nocturnal unrest, irritability, loss of appetite, regurgitating conditions, abdominal pain from wind, chills and fever, common cold or flu with or without phlegm accumulation.
Ingredients: Arisaema cum Bile 41.6mg, Rhizoma et Radix Notopterygii 41.6 mg, Radix Glycyrrhize 41.6 mg, Ramulus Uncariae cun uncis 41.6 mg, Radix Aconiti Coreani 41.6 mg, Radix Aconiti Coreani 41.6 mg, Periostracum Cicadae 28.6 mg, Succinum 18.0 mg, Borneolum Syntheticum 14.3 mg, Margarita 7.0 mg, Moschus 1.3 mg, Calculus Bovis .8 mg, Icing Sugar 82.0 mg. Made by Ma Pak Leung Co, Ltd, Hong Kong.

Directions for Use: Dissolve in warm water. For babies under 6 months, use 1/3 of one vial every 4-6 hours; 6 months - 1 year old, 1/2 a vial every 4-6 hours; one year and older, 1 vial every 4-6 hours.

Contents: 10 (.36 g) vials per box.

Brand: Ma Pak Leung Co, Hong Kong
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Children's Disorders
Diarrhea in children

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