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Ren Shen Zai Zao Wan or Ginseng Extract Pills

Ren Shen Zai Zao Wan or Ginseng Extract Pills

Invigorates blood and qi to break stagnation, relieve internal wind, tonify blood, yin and qi. Use to address symptoms related to stroke, including hemiplegia, speech disturbance, contractive or flaccid muscle tone of extremities. Also benefits chronic wind damp rheumatic symptoms with stagnant qi in the channels causing difficulty moving with painful joints, numbness and tingling of limbs. Useful for Bell's Palsy (wind induced facial paralysis).

Contents include 10 wax bulbs, each containing a large pill. Take 1-2 pills per day. May be cut into smaller pieces to swallow/chew, crushed or dissolved in hot water as tea. 

Main Ingredients: cyperus rotundus root 15mg, frankincense 37mg, myrrh 37mg, rehmannia glutinosa root 74mg, astragalus propinquus root 74mg, clematis chinensis root 93mg, asarum heterotropoides 74mg, amber 68mg, taxillus chinensis top 93mg, asian ginseng 74mg, bambusa textillis resin 37mg, angelica dahurica root 74mg, pogostemon cabin top 74mg, paeonia lactiflora root 37mg, fallopia multiflora root 74mg, saposhnikovia divaricat 37mg, safflower 19mg, typphonium giganteium 37mg, drynaria fortunei root 37mg, scrophularia ningpoens 74mg, turmeric 74mg, pueraria montana loba 93mg, tangerine peel (immature) 37mg.




Bell's Palsy

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