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Su He Xiang Wan or Liquid Styrax Pills, Decoction of

Su He Xiang Wan or Liquid Styrax Pills, Decoction of

For wind stroke due to phlegm obstructing the heart orifices, qi stroke or cold stroke, dry sudden turmoil disorder, painful obstruction of chest due to Qi stagnation, congealing due to cold, turbid phlegm obstructing the channels and collaterals. 

Benefits cerebrovascular accident, encephalitis, hysteria, seizure disorder, post concussion syndrome, angina pectoris, epilepsy, allergic rhinitis, uremia, symptomatic psychosis, coma due to apoplexy or stroke or cholera, coronary heart disease, thoraco-abodminal distension with chills due to breathing in dirt and noxious air, epidemic cholera, chest Bi from Qi stagnation due to cold, hepatic coma, schizophrenia, gu syndrome, aphasia. 

Herbal Rx: Styrax (su he xiang), moschus (she xiang), borneolum (bin piang), benzoinum (an xi xiang), Rx aucklandiae (mu xiang),lignum santali albi (tan xiang), lignum aquiliariae resinatum (chen xiang), olibanum (ru xiang), flos caryophylli (ding xiang), Rz cyperi (xiang fu), Fr piperis longi (bi ba), cornu bubali (shui niu jiao), cinnabaris (zhu sha), Rz atractylodis macrocephalae (bai zhu), Fr chebulae (he zi).

Contents: 10 herb packets for 10 days use. 

Directions for Use: Boil in 6:1 water to herb ratio till reduced to 2 tea cups consumed daily. 




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