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Superior Fu Fang Jin Qian Chao

Superior Fu Fang Jin Qian Chao

Breaks down stones and eliminates toxins from the urinary tract dispelling pain during urination, prostatitis, testicular pain with blood in the urine, kidney infection, kidney stones, renal stones, gallstones, urethral calculus, urethritis, cystitis, urinary tract infection and inflammation of urethral organs. Promotes diuresis to alleviate pain.

Ingredients: Desmodium herb 462.5 mg, cornsilk 312.5 mg, chinese prayer beads 175.5 mg, pyrrosia herb 150 mg, smilax rhizome 150 mg. Kwei Feng Brand by Guangxi Wuzhou Sanhe Pharmacy, China.

Directions for Use: Take 5 pills three times a day on a blander than usual diet. (Avoidance of bitter, sour, spicy foods will help sustain well being.)

Contents: 100 pills per bottle.


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