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Invigorator Tea Pill Extract or Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan

Invigorator Tea Pill Extract or Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan

Classical formula to tonify spleen and stomach qi, invigorate liver qi and raise yang. Originally used to treat prolapse of organs due to deficient qi and yang, including rectum, uterus, colon, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and hernia. Treats poor digestion with bloating, pain, gas. Also beneficial for uterine bleeding, habitual miscarriage and chronic diarrhea. Effective on hypoglycemia when combined with jian pi su.

Ingredients: Astragalus root 350 mg, chinese licorice root 190 mg, tangerine rind 120 mg, bai zhu actractylodes rhizome 120 mg, bupleurum root 120 mg, codonopsis root 120 mg, jujube fruit 80 mg, fresh ginger rhizome 50 mg.

Directions for Use: Take 8 pills three times daily.

Contents: 200 pills.

Brand: Gansu Tianshui Medicine, China
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