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Chen Xiang Hua Qi Wan

Chen Xiang Hua Qi Wan

For the occasional bout with stomach acid characterized by indigestion, upset stomach and constipation. Promotes the flow of qi in the liver and stomach to regulate digestion. Beneficial for distending pain in the epigastrium, stuffed bloated feeling surmounting in the chest. Also effective for anorexia, belching and acid regurgitation.

Ingredients: Chinese agarwood heartwood 95.5 mg, patchouli aerial parts 379 mg, nut grass rhizome 266 mg, mature chinese amomum fruit 266 mg, mature tangerine peel 228 mg, zeodary rhizome 379 mg, massa fermentata 379 mg of wheat flour, sweet wormwood aerial parts, xanthium sibricum patr. ex widd. aerial parts and polygonum hydropiper aerial parts, barley sput 379 mg, chinese licorice root and rhizome 190 mg.

Directions for Use: Take 8-16 pills, twice a day, according to body weight.

Contents: 200 pills per bottle.


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