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Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan, Decoction of

Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan, Decoction of

Disperses wind cold and headache (frontal, occipital, bilateral, vertical or migraine) due to wind cold invasion. Ends nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinitis, stuffy nose, fever, chills, wind vertigo.

Ingredients: Chinese mint, Schizonepeta, Ligusticum wallichii rhizome, Chinese licorice root, Notopterygium root and rhizome, Fragrant angelica root, Siler root.

Directions for Use: 1:2 herb to water ratio. Boil, cook for one hour on medium till reduced. Discontinue after symptoms clear.


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Colds and Flus from wind cold invasion
Headache due to wind

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