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Ping Chuan Wan or Calm Wheezing Pill

Ping Chuan Wan or Calm Wheezing Pill

Use for chronic asthmatic conditions due to deficient kidney and lunqi without accumulated phlegm where coughing or shortness of breath is worsened by exertion. Tonifies lung qi, kidney qi and yang to calm wheezing and relieve cough. Relies on dried gecko lizard and cordyceps fungus which grows on larvae of Chinese caterpillar to boost qi and yang. 

Ingredients: Codonopsis (dang shen) 15%, armeniaca (xing ren) 15, ficus (wu zhi mao tao) 10, glycyrrhiza (gan cao), elaegnus (man hu tui zi) 10, morus (sang bai pi) 10, citrus (chen pi) 8, cynanchum (bai qian) 8, gecko (ge jie) 5, cordyceps (dong chong xia cao) 5, lapis (meng shi) 4. 

Directions for Use: Take 10 pills three times daily.

Contents: 120 pills.



Asthma due to kidney lung deficiency
Asthma, Chronic
Asthma, Cough
Breathing, Labored
Breathing, labored due to deficient lung qi

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