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Blood Stasis, Bleeding, Pain

Stagnation of blood may result from trauma, stagnation of qi or congestion of liver qi, manifested as pain, abscesses and ulcers, tumors or swollen masses. Bleeding may be due to trauma, deficient yin, arrogant yang, heat in the blood or deficient spleen qi. Cause is the primary factor for choosing an appropriate formula.
Typically, non-animal substitutions biochemically similar to ox gallstone, musk gland and toad secretion will have been made while common domestic animal substitutions will have replaced exotic rhinoceros horn, tiger bone and bear gallbladder.

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Set Lee Tan
Resolves rectal bleeding with heat phlegm and blood in stool from intestinal fire.  Directions for Use: Take 1 packet every 3 hours. Contents: 12 packets. ..
Siberian Motherwort Extract, Yi Mu Cao Gao
General tonic for women with dysmenorrhea, stagnant blood, poor blood circulation. Dispels blood stasis to nourish blood and regulate menstruation with symptoms including lower abdomen pain. Useful al..
Strong Zhi Gen Xiao
Relieves pain and inflammation from new and long standing hemorrhoids, internal and external. Six herbs are combined in this formula to moisten intestines, remove nodes, eliminate lumps, reduce swelli..
The Four Herbs Extract or Si Wu Tang Wan
Promotes and regulates menstruation. Tonifies and invigorates blood, regulating liver, alleviating pain. Use for stagnation of blood with symptoms including palpitations, insomnia, dizziness, blurred ..
Tieh Ta Yao Gin
Martial arts professionals refer to this formula as traumatic injury medicine essence oil. Dispels severe bruises. Clears blood and fluid stagnation to invigorate qi and blood, relaxing tendons and mu..
Tienchi Ginseng & Ligusticum Wallichii Combo or Tian Qi Tong Jing
Regulates qi and supports blood flow, alleviating pain. Use particularly for dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation caused by coagulation of pathogenic cold damp with stagnant qi and pain b..
Tienma Chu Feng Pu Pien
Dispels internal wind associated with hyperactive liver yang, dispersing exogenous wind and wind damp to nourish liver blood and reinforce kidneys. Use for symptoms of hypertension, i.e. headache, diz..
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To Jing Wan
Breaks blood stagnation, stimulating and invigorating blood circulation to relieve pain and regulate blood flow. Developed specifically to address menstrual disorders due to blood stagnation with clot..
Wei Te Ling "204"
Reduces heat and inflammation, dispersing blood stagnation to end bleeding with pain. Contains calcium mineral salts to neutralize excessive stomach acid. Particularly effective for gastric or duodena..
Woo Garm Yuen
Relieves menstrual aching and cramping due to blood stagnation. Supplements energy levels while contributing to gastrointestinal and urinary balance. Ingredients: Atractylodes Rhizome, Artemisia An..
Yunnan Baiyao Capsules
Century old formula. First aid for internal and external bleeding, traumatic swelling, toxic insect bites. Pseudoginseng root works to stop bleeding, dispersing stagnant blood while tonifying and invi..
Zang Qi Tibetan Medicated Plaster
Use for relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints related to backache, falls, strains, sprains, bruises, arthritis, traumatic injury. Promotes circulation, dispelling blood stasis whi..
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