http://www.itmonline.org/arts/breast.htm DRUGS AND NURSING A typical summary comment to be found about drugs and breastfeeding is: "Most medications are safe to take during breastfeeding, but there are a few that can be dangerous for the baby." Examples of commonly consumed substances that can pass through the milk are alcohol and caffeine. These can affect the nervous system of the infant (in the same manner as it can affect adults, with caffeine causing stimulation and alcohol causing sedation), so consumption of beverages containing these substances should be limited (but need not be ..
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https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5046000/ Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2016; 2016: 7078351.  Published online 2016 Sep 25. doi:  10.1155/2016/7078351 PMCID: PMC5046000 Evidence Based Alternative Medicines in Pain Management 2016 Haroon Khan, 1 , * Vincenzo De Feo, 2 Najeeb Ur Rehman, 3 and  Agnieszka Najda 4 Author information ► Article notes ► Copyright and License information ▼ Copyright © 2016 Haroon Khan et al. ..
Lissa, C. J., Hawk, S. T., & Meeus, W. H. (2017). The effects of affective and cognitive empathy on adolescents’ behavior and outcomes in conflicts with mothers. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 158(6), 32-45. doi:10.1016/j.jecp.2017.01.002. Retreived February 13, 2017, from http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022096516302235   Affective - Relating to feelings, mood, attitude or emotion.   Empathy - Sharing or recognizing another’s feelings.   Adolescent - A young adult, typically in early to middle teenage years.   Perspe..
  Full Article   Axelsson, J., Sundelin, T., Ingre, M., Van Someren, E. J., & Olsson, A.et. al (2010, October 22). Beauty sleep: experimental study on the perceived health and attractiveness of sleep deprived people, 341(14) 1-5. Retrieved February 07, 2017, from http://www.bmj.com/content/bmj/341/bmj.c6614.full.pdf   Sleep Deprived - A decrease or absence of sleep from a person’s routine   Untrained (observer) - Unbiased perspective in order to produce a fair rating   Visual Analogue Scale - A psychometric response scale based on the obs..
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Latin for "set afire," inflammation is healthy when it's a natural response from the immune system to ward off injury and infection. When inflammation becomes chronic as in Rheumatoid Arthritis where there is pain, redness and swelling or in heart disease, Alzheimer's or diabetes, a normal immune system response has gone haywire and actually becomes disease perpetuator. For example, inflamed arteries are common in heart disease. Fats building up along the walls of the coronary arteries causes the body to retaliate with inflammatory chemicals that trigger blood clots causing..
Myth 1: You should drink 8 glasses of water per day. In fact, the Institute of Medicine recommends approximately 125 ounces (15 cups equivalent) for men and 91 ounces (about 11.4 cups) for women. However this can include water from foods and beverages. The average person gets enough hydration unless there is heat stress or long periods of activity to upset the daily balance. Myth 2: There's not much water in food. In fact, the average person gets 20% of their daily water allowance from food. Considering an apple is 84% water, bananas are 74% water, broccoli is 91% water, a p..
-An estimated 36.5 million adults in America alone smoke cigarettes. -Smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans a year. -For every one person who dies from smoking, an estimated 30 people survive with a crippling illness developed from smoking. -Cigarettes and their smoke contain over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known carcinogens. Given the ingredients found in the ordinary cigarette, what effect do you think smoking has on the respiratory system? Problem At Hand -The airway epithelium is a complex layer resting upon the tracheobronchial tree. It serves as the body’s ..
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The physical is governed by the mind and emotions. While mind may be tempered and disciplined, emotions are the ocean, washing in and out, as temporary as one wave, and as much as we would not spend our time counting the grains of sand carried away or returned every time the tide rushes in and departs again, so too, we cannot spend our lives fixated by one or another emotion, desperately holding on to something former or future while neglecting the present reality. Regardless of how we feel right now, this feeling is temporary, will subside and give way to another feeling, equally pleasant, mo..
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Happiness This Winter Depends on Guava, Citrus & Pears
Longer nights means you're tempted to slouch more, sit more and seek the solace of artificial sunshine. But, before you buy a new sportscar out of boredom and winter fatigue, look to your fridge for the real pick me up. Consumption of fruits and vegetables all winter, particularly those that ripen only during winter, is the key to staying well balanced and happily adjusted through the darkest months. One guava contains 5 grams of fiber, 10% of recommended daily Vitamin A and B6 and a whopping 220% of your recommended daily Vitamin C. Use in preserves, pies, sorbets, sauces or juices&nb..
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Sweating for Holistic Health & Healing
While sweating is synonymous with vigorous physical activity, sweating in TCM is also linked to illness, that is, as a method of therapy. Overlooked for more concrete assertions related to regulating blood circulation or immune system, sweating can be used by the individual, whether through herbs or through regular workouts to release pathogen, stimulate endorphin production and maintain mindfulness and well being.  The Rumen Shiqin (ca. 1228 A.D.) states: An illness is something that the human body originally does not have. An illness may enter the body fro..
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Super Seeds
Seeds are wonderful for savory and sweet recipes. The most nutritious seeds are as versatile as they are delicious.  1) Two tablespoons of CHIA seeds have nearly 10 grams of fiber. Use as crunchy topping for yogurt or veggies or soak in juice or almond milk for a pudding alternative. 2) WILD RICE is not rice but a grass seed, higher in protein than other whole grains with 30 times more antioxidants than white rice. Wild rice not only tastes exotic, it will also provide folate, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, vitamin B6 and niacin. Make a pilaf and add its hearty filling powe..
Acupuncture at a Glance
      The dominant function of acupuncture is to regulate the circulation of qi (vital energy) and blood. Approximately 2,000 years ago, the pre-eminent acupuncture text, Huangdi Neijing (Yellow Emperor's Classic on Internal Medicine), was written describing acupuncture as a means of releasing excess qi or blood along specific pathways or meridians (jingluo). According to the meridian, acupuncture would release blood but not qi or release qi but not blood. Disease then was viewed as pathogens entered the body through the skin, penetrated through muscle, organs and fina..
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