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Crocodile Trademark Pill

Crocodile Trademark Pill

Contains pig gallbladder to clear stickiest, most persistent of phlegm. Use to promote respiratory qi of throat, larynx, bronchi, pharynx, nose and sinuses.

Ingredients, per 3 capsules: Fritillaria (Chuan Bei Mu) Bulb 180mg, Balloon Flower (Jie-Geng) Root, Bitter Almond Seed Extract 150 mg, Aster (Zi-Wan) Root 150 mg, Tangerine (Chen-Pi) Pill 150 mg, Loquat (Pi-Pa-Ye) Leaf 150 mg, Chinese Licorice (Gan-Zao) Root 150 mg, Fishwort (Yu-Xing-Cao) Herb 150 mg, Polygala (Yuan-Zhi) Root 45 mg, Pig Gallbladder (Zhu-Tan) 45 mg. Made by ChengDu Yongkang Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd, Sichuan, China.

Directions for Use: Take 2-3 capsules twice a day.

Contents: 24 capsules per bottle.


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