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Five Photos Brand Tien Ta Wan

Five Photos Brand Tien Ta Wan

Dispels stagnant blood to alleviate bruising from trauma, injury. Formulated to promote circulation, reducing healing time. Benefits bones, joints, tendons, muscles, circulatory and nervous system. A trusted brand. May be used in conjunction with Five Photos Oil.
Ingredients: Ginseng root, honey, dang gui root, pu huang, hong hua, dragon's blood resin, peony root & bark (chi shao), myrrh gum resin (mo yao), frankincense (ru xiang) gum resin. Made by Lung Choy Shung Medicine Factory, Hong Kong.

Directions for Use: Take one drop daily by breaking wax bulb and dividing into ten small gummy pills to be swallowed with warm water.

Contents: .67 oz. (19 g) gummy ball encased in plastic bulb.




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