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Chuan Bi Tang, Decoction of

Chuan Bi Tang, Decoction of

Chianghuo & Turmeric Formula or Relieve Bi Syndrome Decoction for relief of painful arthralgia of upper limbs with wind-cold-damp obstruction, blood stagnation in the channels. Useful for arthritis, bursitis of shoulder or hip, difficulty moving joints and limbs, rheumatism (particularly of upper limbs), spasms, wind-damp bi syndrome.

Ingredients: Astragalus (huang qi), notopterygium (qiang huo), curcuma (jiang huang), angelica (dang gui), paeonia (chi shao), siler (fang feng), zingiberis (sheng jiang), jujube (da zao), glycerrhiza (gan cao).

Contents: One herb packet.


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Arthritis, Rheumatoid
Joint Pain due to blood stagnation
Joint Pain due to wind damp
Muscle, Rheumatic ache due to wind damp

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