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Imperial & Superior East Superman Pills

Imperial & Superior East Superman Pills

Warms kidney yang and strengthens the heart. Use to invigorate blood qi, restore kidney essence and replenish bone marrow, improving sexual performance and enjoyment. Nourishes heart and blood vessels while reinforcing knees and joints. Increases stamina and intensity for ED conditions while helping to build and enrich sperm.
Ingredients: Clam 2%, Ginseng 6%, Morinda 4%, C. Orchioides 3%, Eucommia Bark 3%, Radix Astragali 6%, Chinese Teaselroot 5%, Guanshayuan 3%, Mantis Egg-Case 5%, Rehmannia 5%, Grass-Worm 2%, Placenta 5%, Cynomorium 5%, Epimedim 5%, Achyranthes 4%, Cornus 4%, Medlar 5%, Fenugreek 3%, Dodders 5%, Dioscorea 5%. Made by San Luen Med, Hong Kong. 

Directions for Use: Take 8 - 10 pills twice daily. 

Contents: 240 tablets 


Kidneys, to tonify kidney yang
Sexual Dysfunction, Male, Impotence

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