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Ya Hom Powder

Ya Hom Powder

Invigorates stomach channels and mentally revitalizes from sluggish, fatigued, debilitated states. Herb formula to awaken, inspire. Suitable for children's digestive ailments.
Ingredients: Agastache herb, lysimachia herb, citrus peel, cinnamon bark, mentha herb, ligusticum rhizome, licorice root, caryophyllum flower, aquilaria wood, atractylodes cang zhu, bai zhi (angelica anomala rhizome). Made by Five Pagodas Pharmacy, Bangkok, Thailand.

Directions for Use: Mix 1 level teaspoon with warm water for adults. For children over six years of age, mix 1/2 tspn.

Contents: .88 oz. (25g) jar.



Digestion, Poor
Fatigue, General

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