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Cheng Yun Wan, Infertility Formula Herbal Supplement

Cheng Yun Wan, Infertility Formula Herbal Supplement

Use to benefit and promote workings of the ovaries, uterus and genital systems for both men and women and to clear the way for a natural path to pregnancy.


Ingredients: 3000 mg per 10 pills containing adhesive rehmannia root, Cherokee rose fruit, palmleaf raspberry fruit, barbary wolfberry fruit, Chinese dodder seed, glossy privet fruit, common cruculigo rhizome, dang shen, cochichinese asparagus root, Himalayan teasel root. Made by Guangzhou Hua Cheng Pharmaceutical Factory, China.

Directions for Use: Take 10 pills 2-3 times a day with warm water.

Contents: 120 pills per bottle.


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