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Armadillo Counter Poison Pill

Armadillo Counter Poison Pill

Removes toxins, dispelling heat and wind-damp while promoting blood circulation. Use for skin conditions characterized by itching, inflammation, pain. Particularly beneficial for weeping states of eczema, dermatitis, acne, hives.

Ingredients: Anteater scales 20%, jin qian turtle 10%, codonopsis root 6.5%, rehmannia root 5%, ox gallstone 5%, euphorbia leaf 5%, hydnocarpus seed 5%, astragalus root 5%, dictamnus root-bark 4%, smilax rhizome 4%, chrysanthemum flower 4%, xanthium fruit 3%, ligusticum rhizome 3%, fritillaria bulb 3%, forsythia fruit 2.5%, arctium fruit 2.5%, cnidium fruit 2.5%, scutellaria root 2%, paeonia root 2%, lonicera flower 2%. Made by United Pharmaceutical Works, Fatshan, Kwangtung, China.

Directions for Use: Take 4 pills three times a day.

Contents: 48 pills per bottle.



Acne with facial eruption
Allergies, Skin
Infections, Ulcerated Abscesses

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